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paper cup machine - Bharathpapercupmachine

Paper cups are becoming the alternative for the now banned plastic sups that were widely used so far. And with this sudden increase in use of paper cups due to environmental concerns, there is a huge demand and the paper cup manufacturing industry is booming. Bharath paper cup machine manufacturers are the pioneers of paper cup making machines in India. Using high quality India components that are easy to service & available in any part of the country, Bharath paper cup machines down time are less and don't stop your production time.

for more details visit: (or) Call: 7708797117

Condition: New

Country: India

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Posted by:
Bharathpapercupmachine ,phone icon 7708797117

Posted on: 02/01/19 , Total Visits: 51
paper cup machine - Bharathpapercupmachine

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