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Buy genuine leather journal writing notebook for women

Leather journal Notebook Offer a Connection Between Your Mind And Your Between Words,It is a Great Way to Express Your Feelings onto paper.This leather journal notebook is completely handcrafted. Material - 100%Genuine Leather Handcrafted Journal Size - length 8 Inches Width -6 Inches Thickness 1 Specification - Paper is Produced using Cotton Bio-Mass and is Also Acid Free. Any Kind Of Pen And pencil Can be Used. A single Piece of Thick Leather Wraps Arround ninety five to hundred of pages It is a Great For Handwriting,Drawling or Sketching And Compact enough for Carring in your bag. The Leather Journal Has Many Uses : Artists , Travelling ,Business,Teen Journals, Poetrywork, Food Planner ,Scrapbook etc.

Condition: New

Country: United Kingdom

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Talk Of D Town

Posted on: 31/12/18 , Total Visits: 63
 Buy genuine leather journal writing notebook for women

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